Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Virtual Corporate Culture- Essential Tools Required

The internet has influenced the corporate culture of the modern business houses. In the virtual corporate culture, employees and managers operate from remote places. Managers under whom the virtual employee team is working lack social context and physical proximity with the clients.

If your company is also dealing with a team of virtual secretaries, you must develop some tools so that there can be the effective execution of duties from real to virtual world.

These tools can be:-

•    There should be written guidelines, training and networking of the professionals enhancing the business.
•    Training of every virtual secretary related to softwares to ensure better performance.
•    There should be computer-based chat rooms so that you can discuss and analyze current projects.
•    A company should establish social protocols for virtual assistants. It must also include some basic information on cultural values.
•    Virtual collaborative tools
•    Virtual tools for communication
•    Virtual tools for socialization
•    Technical tools to ensure timely audio and video meetings
•    Virtual punctuality tools

These basic tools will help you develop a favorable environment for your business.