Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Virtual Services- Why Hiring Virtually Has Become A Common Trend

It is true that burgeoning online business has generated a trend of virtual services. Virtual employment is at its peak these days. A large number of business owners are now preferring for virtual assistant services. Let’s find out the reasons for the same-

•    The overhead cost of the virtual employee is greatly reduced as compared to in-house employees. You need not pay them for any extra benefits and they work on their own equipments and supplies.

•    The pool from which you are picking up these candidates is much greater than that of your traditional employees. An online personal assistant is not restricted with any territorial boundaries. You can choose any from anywhere with best quality and the best experience.

•    Unlike your traditional employee, you will not pay your virtual employee for taking breaks, making personal calls, socialize, etc. You strictly pay them for the number of hours worked.

•    Traditional employees are generally hired permanently with the promise of increasing salary, bonuses, vacations etc. On the contrary, a virtual employee is like a temporary assignment without any guarantee of permanent hiring.