Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hiring Virtual Assistants- What Can Be The Ways?

“Virtual assistants are beneficial for every business owner”, there is no doubt of the above fact. However, to hire a virtual assistant, one needs extra diligence on your part. Numerous pitfalls can crop up with your wrong decision.

With the advent of virtual assistant services, business owners gradually noticed that several of their tasks can be done through the web. Eventually, this boomed the industry of online personal assistant. Now, the condition is that, service providers and service consumers, all are increasing in number.

Such conditions make it difficult for you to pick the best virtual employee for you. Here are two ways for that-

Do it yourself- taking help of virtual assistant forums, job bidding websites, online job boards etc. A lot of applications from virtual employee all across the world are posted here. On some job bidding websites, different companies bid on the job to get the best deal. Here , money becomes the primary competitive part.

Done-for-you process- there are VA placement providers and VA service providers who help you to get the best professionals. They have a list of competent prospects who have already cleared the screening tests.  The VA providers provide individuals who complements your requirements.

As you hire an online assistant, set your requirements and streamline your operations, you start getting pleasant experience with your virtual employee.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services Means Financial Freedom for the Business Owner

Every day we read exciting accounts of business owners describing the benefits and comfort they enjoyed by hiring Virtual Assistant Services and the positive changes manifesting in their businesses.

These elated business owners also swear by a sense of relief and liberation after their decision to outsource Virtual Assistant services.

At the outset it will be good to know that a Virtual Assistant is no ‘assistant’ but an off-site employee who has the caliber and resources to provide many online support services to a business via the internet.
Hiring a Virtual Assistant is easy now. There are countless websites like the www.ivaa.org offering off the shelf services. Outsourcing companies and VA firms are also credible sources.

Before hiring a VA it is essential to do away with all fears relating to the ‘surrender of control” just because a few of the services are being outsourced. For that a long term perspective is essential.

Since the working relationship between the business owner and VA is contractual and all deliverables are stated unmistakably  there is no question of any unwanted deviations happening in the business transactions. Some other lateral benefits of hiring virtual workers can be the following….

•     Professional Rapport. For a business owner, working with a Virtual Assistant creates the feeling of camaraderie since the client as well as VA are entrepreneurs. The VA too owns his office; does his marketing; pitch for clients, and provide services just as the business owner is doing.

•    Verifying Testimonials: While hiring a VA for tasks like web design and writing the client has the privilege to preview their work. The testimonials on the VA’s web pages can be checked to determine the quality of skills and experience.

•    Financial Freedom. When the number of on-site employees is reduced, there is a relief from the financial burden on the business owner. Payments on overheads such as worker's compensation, insurance, and payroll taxes will not have to be paid.