Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Virtual Assistant Service is a Win-Win Proposition?

Business in this decade saw some revolutionary trends that changed the way many small and medium sized companies had been working so far.

In an analysis, American management expert Grainne Foley looked at the scenario and remarked, “An environment is getting created in which growing businesses are saving their labor dollars by accessing an amazing talent base, which otherwise would not have been accessible to them because of the high costs involved in hiring top talent”.

The expert was referring to the emergence of Virtual Assistants Services provided by independent contractors who normally work from own offices and provide a variety of remote services to various business verticals and business owners.

The decision to hire a Virtual Assistant from a Virtual  Staffing Service or a virtual assistant company is warranted by the following reasons.
•    The Virtual assistant firm has set certain benchmarks and their panel of VAs will have that quality.

•    Routing the hiring process through a virtual assistant company is more credible and will act as a buffer in times of crisis. An example can be a serving virtual assistant turning sick or taking a fairly long leave, then there has to be a substitution. The client gets the liberty to call up the virtual assistant firm and demand the staffing service to provide a substitute for the time period.

•    Another important advantage of a business owner in hiring a virtual assistant company is the opportunity to utilize the services of a whole gamut of professionals without being so selective on any particular specialty.

Rough estimates suggest that a business owner can use approximately 1000 hours of Virtual Assistant service from top professionals with the cost of hiring a single full time Administrative Assistant on a salaried basis.
By deploying Virtual Assistants service, businesses get empowered to shift gears more efficiently by focusing on strategies that can accelerate growth rather than scratching heads on how to manage the bloating overheads. It also eliminates worries with regard to taxes, perks, holiday pay, and and other establishment costs.

As a result, more and more businesses are drawing up strategies to alter their manpower mix by giving Virtual Assistants their due. Definitely it is a win-win scenario for everyone. The businesses get the desired help without hassles and Virtual Assistants too earn without pledging their professional autonomy.