Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why We Need Virtual Assistant Services ?

When you run a business, you come across two types of errands:
·         The errands that need utmost attention & money
·         The tasks that aren’t worth wasting time.
When you delegate errands that are not worth what you charge your clients, you free up time for core business services that are worth your time & money. In this way, you increase ROI for your business and get more clients at your doorstep.
And if you ask me “To whom can I delegate my daily based errands?”, My simple answer will be the virtual assistants.
Virtual assistance is an admin profession where the experts provide the administrative as well as personal support to the clients via phone, email or fax.
Some of the basic virtual assistant services include: Answering calls, managing office files, dealing with clients, completing one-time projects, handling online marketing, etc.
·         When you're spending more time doing admin errands.
·         When your files and data is disorganized due to your workload.
·         When you're frustrated.
·         When you're missing important deadlines
·         When you have a short staff and limited budget. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hire a Virtual Employee to Save Your Time and Money

It was really difficult for me to handle all the spread sheets, data entry, record maintenance and going to a client meeting at any time of the day. Even 24 hours was not enough for me to work.  Instead of I am running my business, my business was running me.  But  when I read productivity gurus research I came to know about the virtual employees.
Virtual employees are no one but a person who handle all this tedious work like maintaining spreadsheets, handling phone calls, and maintaining records for you. Like me if you also have a small office and can't accommodate a secretary, hiring a virtual employee will be really good for you. They work from  their own office or home and gives you 100% accurate results.  It is the best solution for the small business owners who are looking for cheap employees. You can hire a virtual employee according to your business needs. I hired a part-time virtual employee and paid just for the hours which he spent for me. 

Astounding Virtual Assistants at Nominal Rates

People often ask me: why it is necessary to hire a virtual assistant?
Well, the answer is simple but potent. Due to rise in competition, numerous business owners are adopting different strategies according to their business needs and are getting benefited. One such strategy is hiring virtual assistants for your basic as well as core business activities.
Virtual assistant is a life saving option recommended by renowned companies like: Microsot & Google. Not only large business firms but even small business companies are utilizing virtual assistant services to their best extent.  
If you hire a virtual assistant for your business, you get the following basic benefits:
·         No infrastructure cost
·         No employee taxes and IRS Reporting.
·         No overtime pay to meet deadlines for projects
·         Cost-effective services at faster turnaround times (TAT’s).
·         Time-saving and trustworthy services
·         No need to train temporary employees.
All virtual assistants can be accessed via: email, telephone, video conferencing, or fax. 

Why Virtual Assistant Services ?

Robyn Greene introduced the concept of virtual employee in Melbourne and the first secretary who put her network on internet was Linda. But after some time the name virtual employee was changed into virtual assistant.
As the name suggests the virtual assistant is a person who help you to maintain your TO- Do list properly. The existence of virtual assistant companies, which provide help to those who feel themselves overloaded with the work all the time, has gained a lot of popularity these days. Even a research has shown that productivity gurus has long stressed on the need of the virtual assistant services.
India has been providing these outsourcing services for a long time and the consistent quality given to the clients has made India on the top.  You can hire a full team of the virtual assistant service or you can only hire an individual to help you maintain your TO-Do list properly.  The main difference between the choices is what are your needs and what you are looking in your V.A.