Thursday, July 5, 2012

Virtual Assistant - A New Form of Outsourcing

Today, most of the online businesses rely on outsourcing where those who are not directly involved in the business are made responsible for handling various important daily tasks. Personal secretaries stuck near the boss’s office are an old trend now. Virtual assistant has replaced them.

These assistants follow a smart way of working as they work as independent contractors from their home or some office. They work in flexible hours and get payment for each hour worked. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Moreover, even companies are happy and satisfied with this sort of outsourcing as they will just pay for the hours worked unlike regular office employees. In addition to this, no more headache of employee benefits like health care, insurance, sick leaves, paid leave or any other such thing.

Hiring a virtual employee is not a big deal now as many companies are sprouting up with highly talented virtual professionals ready to work for offshore clients. In this huge market of virtual services, technology plays an important role in the form of internet, phone, and other such communication facilities.

Virtual Office is a Big Reality for All Business

Pardon me if there is an element of over exaggeration when I say the smartest office of the 21st century is virtual office and we are already there.

At the same time, no one will say that the traditional brick and mortar offices will evaporate. !The fact is, web and smart phones have transformed business processes beyond recognition. Use of the Internet as a virtual office is seeing traction and productivity across all layers are experienced.Then what are the attributes of a virtual office?. First of all it eliminates the high cost of office rentals forever. In its place tax breaks may come from using home as a home base.

Petrol prices are going northward. So virtual office makes additional sense as it spares the pain and drudgery of filling at the pump and going to work.

How a virtual office will hike efficiency?  Suppose there are many sales teams operating from different geographies. Now they can work seamlessly as a single team by hooking them together under conferencing tools. Intranets, solid phones and even social media. So setting up a virtual office with a reliable phone service, affordable networks and 100 percent connectivity must be a priority for all serious business set ups.

For a small business owner, juggling daily administrative tasks and maintaining a growing business will be a tough call. So outsourcing  Virtual assistant services that are tailor made to the needs of his business is truly practical.

Keeping virtual receptionist in a virtual office for part-time tasks such as answering calls, making reservations, and setting appointments can boost productivity.

An example is--hiring a Virtual Receptionist service to answer phone calls and greet the clients in the name of the company. This virtual professional can screen and route the business calls to the business owner’s number.

The benefit is when the business owner is out of town, the clients will only need one contact number. A virtual receptionist also protects personal phone numbers making it easier to conduct your business.
This is how the aura of a virtual office is maintained as outsourced virtual assistant services manage the business telephone numbers and all rollover phone lines.