Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is A Virtual Secretary Really Worth Hiring?

An article published in Bloomberg Business week says, “ 14 percent of the US workforce works virtually at least two days per week and the amount is expected to increase”.

This  simply clarifies that professionals working virtually will keep on burgeoning in number as more and more executives and business owners are looking forward towards efficient personal virtual secretary. Some official tasks need time and patience for their accomplishment which the owner does not possess. Thus, he outsources these tasks to any virtual assistant company.

The wide acceptance and popularity of Twitter Facebook, blogs, newsletters, webinars have helped these individuals (VAs) to establish a reputed presence on the web. The capability, wide talent and cost effective nature of these individuals have helped them to supplement or assist any type of industry.

A virtual secretary can assist you in wide working arenas. Five of the basic ones are:

•    Bookkeeping duties- details are received by the companies and VA does it
•    Data entry services: details are transferred through audio or text attachments
•    Customer support services entertaining several calls from customers.
•    Arranging for travels, appointments and personal trips
•    All types of secretarial duties

With a virtual assistant, “future is bright”, not only of them but also of the business individuals who hire them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Popularity Of Data Entry Services Rising Continuously

The global world has demanded all business firms to maintain their data in an organized manner. However, this is not an easy task. Due to immense competition, it becomes a bit critical for them to keep track of data and maintain it effectively. Therefore business world is turning their eyes towards outsourcing data entry services.
Earlier, people were not opting for data entry services as the services were quite not affordable. However, the revolution in the BPO industry has changed the scenario and now many business owners are opting this solution.

Do you know why outsourcing is an effective option for all business organizations? Let's take a look-
·         Cost and time saving

·         Flexibility in pricing as per the project requirements:-

·         Real time communication offering project details
·         Better management of project
·         Lightning speeds solutions
·         Working experience with professional data entry assistant
·         Work is performed with latest tools and software
·         Privacy of data is maintained

Data entry services are available in different forms like textual, numerical, online, offline, alphanumerical, etc. Further, if you want output in some different format, the professionals will provide you the same.